Since many years it is no more the responsibility of the school nurse to examine children for head lice. The examination and treatment of a head louse infestation is at large a responsibility of the parents. In approximately 80-90% of the families it is the mother, who is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of head louse infestation (9, 30).

Parents should periodically inspect their children for head louse infestation and treat as necessary.  This should be done in such a way as not to create any stigma or negatively influence the child/parent relationship. Sharing information on infestation with other parents, feedback from parents to health providers including pharmacists in their area about louse infestations and treatment failures would help improve local control.

A. Human lice
B. History
C. Morphology
D. Biology
E. Epidemiology
F. Clinical picture
G. Psychological effects
H. Diagnosis
I. Treatment
J. Prevention
K. Nits and nit removal remedies
L. The role of parents
M. Myths and misconceptions
N. Legal concerns
O. General recommendations
P. References